We sure had a lot of fun today at Clean Cars and Concerts! Lol!!! 

We created a music video for the German folk song “Freut Euch des Lebens”. (Rejoice In Your Lives”).  My favorite car was there being hand detailed and I just could not pass up the opportunity! 

Thank you to Sergio the master hand detailer and videographer, Willy and John  from Palatine Lawnmower Repair shop and the crowd of people that did not show up because of the Palatine St. Patricks day parade. Lol! And..a super special thank you to our sponsors for the Clean Cars and Concerts Open House for Palatine Hand Detail. Because of your support for the event, we have been able to relax just enough to let the creative juices flow a little bit, to be able to create this video. Thank you T2 Auto Repair, Palatine Complete Auto Repair, Albo Auto, A&A Autobody Repair, Palatine Chiropractoe Dr. Pyzik and Palatine Lawnmower Repair. 

The video now goes into the editing process. We are aiming to have it completed by July, and to be shown at the Catlow Theater in July and /or August. I will of course post updates here as soon as I know the exact dates. Maybe we can get a group of us together to go watch it at the theater. Sounds like fun to me. Let me know if you would like to come and I will reserve the seats. Peace. Barb