It is day 5 of the Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the Christ In The Wilderness Promotional Video and fundraiser concert. There are 65 hours left in this campaign.  I’m hoping it comes together before time runs out.  CITW really needs this video and the concert would really help them fundraise. Thank you to all the donors thus far and to those considering it!

I have been super busy with sending and responding to emails. I have put the word out on Social Media and local bulletin boards.  I have a bit more work to do to get the word around even more.

Yesterday I went to an author fair in Palatine, IL for my children’s product (Mathamusic) Of course I told people about this campaign there as well. LOL 🙂
There was one person who came to my table and introduced herself saying she came because she saw that I had posted this campaign on the local bulletin board and then also saw that I was going to be at the author fair.  She wanted to meet me, so she came! Wow!  How awesome!  When I read all the Kickstarter articles on how to do this.. .it did not occur to me that people would seek me out in real life to get to know me before they donate! LOL!  I enjoyed that.  Thank you for coming out! I enjoyed the conversation.

Thank you to everyone for their kind emails and well wishing and especially the donors!  I appreciate you!  Hope you are having a wonderful day! Peace