My lenten gratitude list….day 13

(Ok… so i started late, no biggy lol!)

I am grateful for the beautiful soft white snow!!! 

It makes the noise on the street muffled and hushed. 🙂 

I am grateful for mac computers that dont fail! I am grateful for the ants that cleaned my counter and floor. Today they are having a picnic by the sea…. cleaning up the inside of my kitchen sink.  I am grateful for my friends and family and pets. I am grateful for having found a pair of sfissors I thought I lost, I am grateful for Palatine Hand details master cleaner and owner Sergio who did an awesome job videotaping this past weekend’s music video. Thank you! And of course I am grateful to those who donated to the Kickstarter campaign for a promotional video for Christ in the Wilderness Retreat in Stockton, IL.