Running a kickstarter campaign feels almost like having a baby shower! Tell everyone the good news the 1st day,  get a few excited responses. Then the talk  goes around about the project to try and figure out what its going to be… a boy or a girl? Will the campaign raise the funds or not. Then there are a million emails from marketers asking me to pay them to promote the campaign…kind of like everyone in the family telling you what to name the baby.  But I already named it….The Christ In The Wilderness Promotional Video and Fundraiser Concert!
Of course, no pregancy is complete without a baby shower! So I invite you to help me welcome this project to life!  There are only 9 hours left to make a donation (breathe) to the campaign (breathe).  I only have $25 raised thus far (breathe)  You can do this!!!  Breathe!! I need to reach $7500 by Thursdsy morning 9:30 am  (puff puff puff puff) Thanks for your support in helping me bring this project to life. (Waaaaaahhhh!!!) The rewards are wonderful! Just think! No more posts about this campaign if I reach my goal.  If I dont reach my goal, I will have to do it again. … twins?!  Yikes!!!! Lol! That would mean double the work!!Then there will be more posts! Thanks for considering helping me with one campaign at a time. Peace Barb