Barb Sorensen’s Blog Post – March 3, 2017

Thank you Albo Auto!!!! 

Last week my car died and it was not good timing because I was super busy. Ugh. Is it ever good timing?! No. So I felt a little wierd about calling the local car shops because they are also sponsors for tomorrow’s Palatine Hand Detail Open House,  and this was a “personal” car issue. I also didnt know which car shop  to call because they are all super awesome and excellent at what they do and if I choose one over the other, I was worried about if I would inspire envy or anger amongst each other.  Ugh. . How to get my car fixed without causing hard feelings between sponsors?! I felt a little bit like Mae West singing “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”. Lol. I also needed to wait untill this afternoon to pay them because another sponsor’s check was due to arrive then and that way I would actually have money to pay them with.    It’s sooo true “Dollars are a girl’s best friend”!….. and so are excellent car mechanics! 

(Reference this wonderful version by Ann Jillian: Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend by Ann Jillian

  I  made my decision by rembering that I am driving a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria. Today it needs a new starter…. but it also needs a few other new parts soon too. So, since it will take me all year to get everything fixed, I can disperse these repairs  between ALL the wonderful car repair shops here on Colfax in Palatine! There are plenty of repairs to go around guys!!! 

So I started at the top of the alphabet and called up Albo Auto. They helped me get my car towed to their shop to fix the starter. I am really looking forward to picking it up this afternoon! Yay!!!! 

I love you guys!!! Thank you for being there. Thank you ALSO for being such a wonderful sponsor for tomorrow’s Open House at Palatine Hand Detail. Maybe I can find a Mae West wig and sing the song for you tomorrow. Lol. I will post it here if I can put it together in time. Peace, and I hope you all have a wonderful evening!


Barb Sorensen’s Blog Post – March 9th, 2017

Hi!  I just released my very first Kickstarter project!  Yay!  It is to raise funds to create a promotional video for Christ In The Wilderness Retreat in Stockton, IL and also a video release fundraiser concert for the retreat itself in June.

Here is the link if you would be so kind as to visit it and make a donation to the cause, I would appreciate it. Every dollar helps!
Thanks, and I hope you have a wonderful day! 





Barb Sorensen’s Blog Post – March 1, 2017

Phew! What a day! It was strenuous and yet I accomplished so much! It started off like any regular day. A biz mtg with a new sponsor first thing in the morning, then got some exercise as I rode my bike into town to meet with the HAM radio club, then packed my car for the afternoons errands. To fix my computer which has been sitting at a friends house in a neighboring suburb, to go to the laundromat and do my laundry and go to the post office to mail a few things.

I went to my friends house first to fix my computer. While I was there, I received a call to book me for a really neat concert. Yay! Then I received another call to meet with a potential sponsor this afternoon. By the time I had to leave for my afternoon errands and appointments, I still hadnt been able to fix the computer. So I packed my things and went to my car. I got in and turned the ignition, but no luck. It did not want to start. Ugh. After 15 minutes of banging on the starter under the car, getting back in to turn the key, and trying the same thing a few more times… the starter just wasnt going to kick in. So I went back into my friends house to make some calls. But my cellphone didnt work. So I borrowed her phone,  called the tow truck (who cant pick it up until tomorrow), called the repair shop (who can’t fix it till Friday), cancelled the afternoons sponsor mtg, texted another friend to pick me up (he couldnt come until 2 hours), ate dinner, and worked on the computer issue some more. Then I remembered I still had hoped to do my laundry at the laundromat. Thank goodness for gracious patient friends. I did my laundry at her house till my other friend could pick me up. Yay! When I got back to the office I realized the rest of my week was going to be super busy. And because of the timing of things today, I did not have time to also dry my laundry. So… in the interest of saving time and being efficient…. I hung my laundry in my office on the fake pinetrees I have there for decor. LOL!!! They are excellent and beautiful efficient laundry drying “racks” lol!!! Now I can fold my laundry tomorrow while I’m in the office making phonecalls for more concerts and sponsors lol! How efficient is that?! Lol. I know, I know, it’s not very professional…. but I am not having appointmenrs here tomorrow, so no one but you will know 😉 giggle. And this is just one of those times when being an artist is super handy. When technology fails it really screws things up. Anyways, I am grateful for the wonderful gracious friends I have. And for them understanding and being helpful with dignity grace and style. Thank you!!! Tonight, I believe I will most likely be counting ignition key turns in my dreams, instead of sheep. Lol. I wish you all peaceful slumber. Goodnight! Barb

Obtw… here is the link to the video of my “laundry tree” lol! Thought you might enjoy it. Barb Sorensen’s Laundry Tree Video

Barb Sorensen’s Blog Post – February 21, 2017

Hi everybody, hope you are well. 

I have been busy working on the new website, and a variety of upcoming concerts, tours and special events. 

This past weekend I performed at Military History Fest/Reenactor fest in St Charles, IL. I was glad to see you a lot of you there! 

Thanks for coming to the concerts! I am always grateful when people show up. 🙂
I must be having s lot of fun cause it seems like time is moving really fast. Its already the end of February, and though I know Ive been working feverishly on the projects, I feel as if I havent made any progress. A friend of mine says that its during these kind of times, when you are actually koving at lightening speed. Um.. I don’t know sbout that.

Another friend sent me information from NASA about how they were able to capture the explosion of a star into a supernova. Which took place 1.2 billion lightyears away. Wow! 
So this weeks topic is to consider carefully any and all actions and words I do, for they are all ripples into the future and can be used for good or destruction down the road. So on that note,  I wish you all peace, health and happiness!


Barb Sorensen’s Blog Post – February 18, 2017

Funny but cringing story today.   I drove my car to St Charles for the annual Reenactorfest. I was running late. I had planned to arrive by 2pm check in and the set up the equipment, do the sound check and then the show at 5pm. Nice and balanced. Well, at the last minute I remembered I wanted to put out flyers for the 3rd Annual Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt! In Palatine this year. So I ran to the printer and they were able to finish them by 3:00. That set me later than I wanted but still do-able. I arrived at 4:30pm. My concert was set to begin at 5:00.  So i parked my car right in front temporarily, in the no parking zone, hoping to just run in, get a cart, unload the equipment, then go move the car.  Yes, I know better, but it was an urgent need. Funny how timing in life gets super stressful at times. I ran in and asked the lady behind the counter for a cart, She didnt have an answer and set in motion a few other folks who also didnt have an answer. I was super anxious because time was ticking and it takes a while to unload, setup, and do a sound test. Finally I found out that at the moment I had walked in, a vendor had fainted. So they called the fire department/ ambulance and the only guy who knew about the carts and where to find one was also the manager on duty attending to the vendor. Ugh. That would explain why everyone else had such blank looks on their faces. Then the hotel manager showed up and I explained my situation and how I was to begin playing at 5 and that I have to now move my car before the ambulance arrives so its not in their way. So he said to drive around to the side of the building and he would meet me there with a cart. Sounds easy right? Simple, eh?! LoL!… No way in this universe!!! I went to start my car.  I could hear the sirens quickly approaching in the distance. I put the key in the ignition…… nothing. Not even a click, click, click, that would tell me the battery was dead. I realized my starter was not working. Ugh. Not good timing. So, from my years of experience of having driven old cars all my life, I have become very adept at knowing how to handle certain situations… like dead starters. The ambulance was now pulling into the parking lot. I  took out the handle from the tire jack in my trunk, crawled under my car, and whacked the starter a few times. At least in the vicinity of the starter. You see, this is a car on which I have no idea what the starter looks like and couldn’t find it readily, but knew it was somewhere underneath on the right side. (No, I did not have time to google it!) So I hit everything in the area with my “hammer” handle and hoped that at least one of those things that I hit was the starter. LoL!.  I crawled back out and stood up just as the ambulance was pulling up next to my car. I got into my car and tried to start it again but still nothing. The paramedic from the ambulance got out of his ambulance and as he was walking towards the building entrance, gave me an angry look and shook his finger at me. Ugh. I know, Ok?!?!!!! I was doing everything I possibly could to move my car out of their way.  I knew they would need the space to pull the fainted vendor out on the stretcher. My only choice was to try and hit the starter under the car again. I did, still nothing. Then the hotel manager walked up to me because he thought I had fallen when he saw me under my car. LOL!  It was like a comedy of errors! LoL! I hastily explained to him why I was on the ground and hitting things under my car. Then I  tried to start the car again to no avail. He and his assistant bellhop agreed to push my car around the corner to get it out of the way quickly. By the time we rounded the corner of the building, they stopped pushing and I let my car roll to a stop. I thought I would try turning the key once more just for kicks. Success! Yay! It started!! So I parked in a regular parking spot, ran to the bellhop who now had a nice big cart ready for my gear by the side overhead bay door.  I unloaded the car, raced into the building, set it all up, and did a sound check. Did I mention how I am getting really great at setting my equipment up super fast?! I even had 10 minutes to spare. So then I was also able to hang my stage banner and take a few minutes to warm up the vocals. Thanks to everyone who came to watch the show. Tomorrow, Saturday 18, 2017 from 11:00 am to noon, is my next show. I will air it live on Facebook.  Traditional German folk and military songs from WWI and WWII including stories and tidbits of info. Please come and make a donation in my tip jar towards a new car starter, or buy a $5 raffle for a Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt! ticket. Or, I would really love it, if you became an advertising sponsor for my other upcoming concerts, tours and special events! A small percentage of funds go to fixing my starter (a $300 repair job) and towards a newer car $8000. Thanks. Every bit helps!  Contact me at emcy.sponsors [at] gmail [dot] com. Peace, Barb

Barb Sorensen’s Blog Post – February 17, 2017 

It’s 3 am and I am awake. This cold ? Something on my mind, temperatures? Uncomfy? I walked into  the kitchen for a glass of water. Saw the fresh tomatoes on the counter, the jar of honey, and the messy dish pile.  I thought about how someone else I know, would wake up at night when they had a cold, and go to the kitchen for a hot cup of lemonade and honey. They always claimed it was the best recipe and cure for a cold. Then I saw the tomatoes sgain and wondered if maybe I am just hungry. But acidy tomaties at 3 a.m.? Did not sound appealing. Then I thpught…….”Why not? Why have I never thought to put honey on my tomatoes? What is it that says tomatoes ought only be eaten with salt and pepper or in savory dishes? I think its because I was raised with the yummiest way to eat my fresh from the sun warm ripe tomatoes with salt and pepper and parsley. But, who says you can’t put honey on your tomatoes? I wonder if anyone has ever tried it. Have you?! …Maybe I’m the only one who has ever tried them this way.. nah, I’m sure someone else must have done it first…. Think of all the vitamins and lycopenes in tomatoes . Combined with vitamin C from honey, that sounds like a potent cold fighting rememdy to me! Lol. it could be really gross, or I might like it. If anything, it would taste much better than cold medicines. Lol. And,  surely, if the universe moves in a circle instead of a straight line, and if life is really like an onion where we are uncovering more every day, then why not give it a try? I’m sure it won’t kill me. It could also be symbolic of putting sweetness in my tomorrows.   🙂 lol. Giggle, snicker, giggle… Hey, its 3 am, I  am allowed to be silly! 

So I grabbed a rice cake from the pantry, cut up a tomato, and poured honey over it… grabbed a tall glass of water just in case I don’t like tomatoes with honey, sat down and tried it. I like it! I highly recommend putting honey on your tomatoes! Who knows, what tomorrow will bring!?! Might as well explore today! 

Peace, I  am going back to sleep now with the hope that my tomorrows will be sweeter than my yesterdays and that my cold will be gone.  



Barb Sorensen’s Blog – February 12, 2017

Ugh!  It’s been super busy and stressful.  Sorry I haven’t written sooner. I’ve been working on a lot of paperwork and planning.

The behind the scenes work for the new Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt for October 2017 has already begun!  I know, do you believe it?! It’s only February!.  For more info on that go to my blog for the Halloween Techno Zombie Geo Cache Hunt!

I am also in the midst of the busy booking season.  Been tweaking venue packages, sponsor proposals, set lists, tour routes, venue bookings, phone calls, emails, texts, etc…

Despite all of this business,  I have been able to find some peace, tranquility, humor and joy.  I have been practicing vocals and my guitar using new styles and skills which I didn’t realize I had!  Polyphonic singing! 🙂 and faster jodeling! 🙂 Hee hee!  I have been having a blast!!  As soon as my polyphonic singing is a little stronger I will let you know where I will be performing and you can check it out.

Speaking of concerts and tours….this year’s concert lineup includes mostly original pop/rock concerts, traditional lullaby concerts, some military/history reenactment concerts and perhaps even a renaissance faire or two.  And of course there will also be the annual Christmas Community Concert Series in December.To top it all off.. .I have also been working on another project behind the scenes.  The car issue. I know.. car issues, when you are super busy.. is never a good thing…. but a necessary one.  I have made a few repairs to my 1999 loyal 8 cylinder “tank” recently.   Fixed a flat tire, a new starter, new shocks and brakes.  It still needs a few more repairs. Someone suggested I should look into getting a new car.. But, but, but, but.. I said….. I like this car!  Seriously though, it is showing it’s age slowly. It is still in great shape but a bit tired!  I think  (hope) it might last me another 2 years.  However, in the meanwhile I still need something a bit more trustworthy for the summer’s long journeys. I would also like something for nicer days so I can get some more exercise instead of sitting in a car all day for all my errands… What I am referring to here is a TWIKE. 🙂   A TWIKE is a velomobile.  A three wheeled bicycle/electric car.  This is perfect for going around town from business to business as I am preparing the year’s events.    It also falls perfectly in line with my “Green-li-ness”. LOL!   I think one of the reasons the starter was going on my current car is because I start and stop it so often as I hop in and out of my car at every businesses I go to. So a TWIKE would be optimal and healthy!  I love to ride my bike, but in the rain it gets a bit tough.  With a TWIKE, I won’t have to experience the “Wash and Dry” effect of a riding an open bicycle in the rain.  I can also use my current car for short road trips .  And a new-to-me used car or leased car for longer road trips.   The TWIKE would cost me est. $8000.  A new -to-me used car or leased car est. $2500/year.  and a few more repairs on my current car $1500  TOTAl = 12,000. Altogether this is still cheaper and offers me the flexibility I need more so than buying a new car at $40,000.   So.. in order to accomplish this I am raising funds by performing extra concerts at a special rate.  If you would like to support my efforts by ordering a concert or even sponsoring a concert,  please send me a message emcybiz {at} gmail {dot} com,  and refer to the TWIKE concert special price. Thanks! I appreciate every dime I can get!
Well that’s it for now.  I have to send some more emails and go rehearse a bit.  Hope you all have a wonderful evening!  Peace love and joy! Barb



Barb Sorensen’s Blog Post – January 1, 2017

HI, here are a few photos from the Catlow Theater concert.  They are just me.  I wish it would have shown the audience because they were amazing!  I think I might have a photo of them in my pile somewhere.  I will dig it out and post it here when I find it.  Meanwhile.. here you can see I was actually there and playing and having fun! LOL! As usual, I made a few funny faces on stage as I was playing! LOL  *note to self…I must  be more careful about that!

catlow-2016-8  catlow-2016-4  catlow-2016-3   catlo-2016-2

Thank you to the wonderful sponsors for this concert!

pal-comp-auto  masterhitch  play-it-again-sports

greenthumb  bundt-cakes-logo  image010.jpg

Edelweiss Delicateseen - NOrthwest Highway, Palatine Ilinois Allied Heating & Air Conditioning - Northwest Highway, Palatine Illinois  A&A AUtobody Shop Colfax, Palatine Illinois

Dr. Lawrence Pyzik - Palatine Illinois  Palatine Lawnmower - Colfax, Palatine Illinois


Barb Sorensen


Barb Sorensen’s Blog – December 27, 2016

Hi!  It’s finally after Christmas and I’m on a hurried dash to finish all the paperwork and taxes and sorting and filing for the end of the year.  I had a wonderful time performing this year’s Community Christmas Concert Series. From the magical and enchanting Stronghold Castle on a snowy evening in a pine and oak tree forest in Oregon, IL, to the packed Catlow Theater in Barrington, IL and the fun loving audience raising the roof with their voices in the sing-a-long, and the gratefulness at the Christmas Truce Re-enactment of 1914 at the Rockford Museum in Illinois.  Thank you to all who came out to help make it so much fun.  Thank you also to everyone who helped in either booking the venues, sponsoring the concerts, marketing the shows, videographing the events or supported with your patience and guidance.  I love you all!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!  Peace


Here are some links to a few videos of this year’s concerts at the Stronghold Castle.

Here is a link to the video of the concert at the Catlow Theater in Barrington, IL

Thank you to this year’s Christmas Community Concert Series sponsors! You helped make wonderful fun memories for a lot of people!  Peace, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

logo     Allied Heating & Air Conditioning - Northwest Highway, Palatine Illinois

A&A AUtobody Shop Colfax, Palatine Illinois     Dr. Lawrence Pyzik - Palatine Illinois

Edelweiss Delicateseen - NOrthwest Highway, Palatine Ilinois  Palatine Lawnmower - Colfax, Palatine Illinois

bundt-cakes-logo  greenthumb

play-it-again-sports   masterhitch





Barb Sorensen’s Blog – December 13, 2016

Hey! Its 1 am… I am sooo on time with my gratitude list for today lol!!! I will not forget.
I am grateful for the snow and the shooting stars out side. Its another supermoon… grateful for 2nd chances!
Also for my friends and family, and am grateful for the snowplow truck who stays up all night to salt the roads. I am grateful for this most fascinating new Christmas decoration I bought myself. Think I’ll use it year round. Its like a modern version of the old lava lamp.. check out the video i made here.
I am grateful for the Christmas season being. And being so pretty. Peace love and goodnight to you all. Barb Sorensen