Thank you Albo Auto!!!! 

Last week my car died and it was not good timing because I was super busy. Ugh. Is it ever good timing?! No. So I felt a little wierd about calling the local car shops because they are also sponsors for tomorrow’s Palatine Hand Detail Open House,  and this was a “personal” car issue. I also didnt know which car shop  to call because they are all super awesome and excellent at what they do and if I choose one over the other, I was worried about if I would inspire envy or anger amongst each other.  Ugh. . How to get my car fixed without causing hard feelings between sponsors?! I felt a little bit like Mae West singing “Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend”. Lol. I also needed to wait untill this afternoon to pay them because another sponsor’s check was due to arrive then and that way I would actually have money to pay them with.    It’s sooo true “Dollars are a girl’s best friend”!….. and so are excellent car mechanics! 

(Reference this wonderful version by Ann Jillian: Diamonds are a Girls Best Friend by Ann Jillian

  I  made my decision by rembering that I am driving a 1999 Ford Crown Victoria. Today it needs a new starter…. but it also needs a few other new parts soon too. So, since it will take me all year to get everything fixed, I can disperse these repairs  between ALL the wonderful car repair shops here on Colfax in Palatine! There are plenty of repairs to go around guys!!! 

So I started at the top of the alphabet and called up Albo Auto. They helped me get my car towed to their shop to fix the starter. I am really looking forward to picking it up this afternoon! Yay!!!! 

I love you guys!!! Thank you for being there. Thank you ALSO for being such a wonderful sponsor for tomorrow’s Open House at Palatine Hand Detail. Maybe I can find a Mae West wig and sing the song for you tomorrow. Lol. I will post it here if I can put it together in time. Peace, and I hope you all have a wonderful evening!